DM RoverBook Campaign and Session Planner
DM RoverBook Campaign and Session Planner

DM RoverBook

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The DM RoverBook is the Most Functional and Affordable 5e Notebook for DMs. It is designed to help you plan your campaign, run individual sessions, and take notes throughout. You won’t find any D&D 5e gameplay rules or unnecessary content because that already exists in your Dungeon Master Guide. That means there are more pages to take notes, draw maps, and let your imagination run.

The DM RoverBook is printed on 470 pages of A5 premium paper and is coil-bound for versatility and durability.

Shipping Info

Each RoverBook is made by order in order to ensure quality and love is put into each one! This means that shipping times are a bit longer than what you might be used to. Please contact us if you have any questions: Thanks for your support.

Mail: 10 -20 days (estimated)

Expedited: 7 – 14 days (estimated)

Please allow an additional 5-10 days for printing and shipping due to COVID-19


Recently bought their product and I love it. Fiancée was happy to have a new book, I'm happy about something that's well organized and in 1 place. My neighbor told me about this store and I figured with how reasonably priced they are, why not try it out. I'm glad I did!

Heather Jaxzun

The Roverbook is by far and away the most effective and efficient tool for PCs in D&D for the price!! Been playing for almost 30 years. Been DMing for half that time. Haven’t found anything this comprehensive and clear cut in all that time.

Leslie Justin Greenwood

Amazing, thoughtful materials clearly made with the real need of real D&D players in mind. You can tell the notebook was designed by someone who has played a bunch of D&D and wanted a better interface.

Liam Kingsley

Picked up one of the RoverBooks and it had everything I want from a dnd journal/ player notebook. It also has detailed sections to jot down everything about your character. Super recommend as an essential item to travel light with all your dnd notes.

James Ontiveros

Great way to help organize my campaigns and remember all the details!

Sydney Jameson-Blowers

What's Inside?

Campaign Planner

Outline your story, construct your world, create your settings, and pace your sessions. The DM RoverBook is designed to help craft all aspects of your campaign. 

Session Planner

Designed to hold up to 35 sessions, the massive 470 pages in the DM RoverBook are flexible enough for any session type.

Initiative Tracker

Each session page includes an Initiative Tracker for easy reference during intense encounters. 

Hybrid Grid Paper

Sketch out the combat encounter, draw the NPC, or play tic-tac-toe. It’s there if you need it, and flexible if you don’t. We’ve made the grid the same size as your notebook lines so that you can use it to take regular notes too.

NPC Section

Never forget the weird and quirky accents you give each of your NPCs! The last section in the DM RoverBook is designed to help you keep all your NPC stats and backstories all in one place.

470 PAGES!!!

In the spirit of flexibility, the DM RoverBook has 50 extra Hybrid Grid Pages in the back that you can use however you please!

Every DM plans differently, so the DM RoverBook is designed with that in mind.

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How is it so affordable?

The ROVERBOOK was created out of the belief that D&D is a game meant for everyone. We avoided adding non-essential features like laminated paper, and fancy binding techniques. This allows RoverBook to cost nearly HALF as much as its competitors. Power to the players.

Why is it coil-bound?

Most note-taking books are coil bound because of their versatility and durability. You can lay them down flat on one-side or two-sides and remove pages without damaging the rest of the book.

What should I use to write in it?

We recommend a well-sharpened pencil, or mechanical pencil, and eraser for easy editing.
(Who needs messy laminated sheets, anyways?)

What about other game systems?

The ROVERBOOK is only designed for 5e, but we’re working on other game systems that are coming soon!

*RoverBook, the 5e notebook, is designed for use with the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons as permitted under the Open Game License version 1.0a. Dungeons and Dragons and all related trademarks are the property of Wizards of the Coast, Inc. (WOTC). Dungeons and Stationery Brand is not affiliated with nor licensed by WOTC.