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RoverBook the 5e Notebook - Neon Cover


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DM RoverBook Campaign and Session Planner


Check it out!


Recently bought their product and I love it. Fiancée was happy to have a new book, I'm happy about something that's well organized and in 1 place. My neighbor told me about this store and I figured with how reasonably priced they are, why not try it out. I'm glad I did

Heather Jaxzun

The Roverbook is by far and away the most effective and efficient tool for PCs in D&D for the price!! Been playing for almost 30 years. Been DMing for half that time. Haven’t found anything this comprehensive and clear cut in all that time.

Leslie Justin Greenwood

Amazing, thoughtful materials clearly made with the real need of real D&D players in mind. You can tell the notebook was designed by someone who has played a bunch of D&D and wanted a better interface.

Liam Kingsley

Picked up one of the RoverBooks and it had everything I want from a DnD journal/ player notebook. It also has detailed sections to jot down everything about your character. Super recommend as an essential item to travel light with all your DnD notes.

James Ontiveros

Great way to help organize my campaigns and remember all the details!

Sydney Jameson-Blowers

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