Why D&D is the perfect game for quarantine

There are so many things that have changed with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the one thing that has managed to stay relatively the same are Sunday evenings when I sit down and play Dungeons and Dragons with my group of friends. The only difference is that instead of seeing each other in person, we all play over a video call. Despite this difference, every session is just as fun and entertaining as the last. I believe this boils down to the roots of D&D. After all, aside from the rules, the only things you really need to play D&D are:

a Pencil, a Notebook, and Friends

The simplicity of the game is what actually brings it so much depth. D&D is a game where the possibilities are endless. There are certain rules that keep the game constrained to a point, but where the story can lead is up to the collective imagination of everyone playing.

D&D is perfect for quarantine because it opens up your imagination to possibilities and worlds that exist outside a reality where we are stuck inside our homes.

When I’m playing D&D, sometimes it feels like I’m just having a good time goofing off with my friends. Other times, it feels like I’m on walking on the deck of the Sea Hag’s Revenge, staring out into open sea and wondering what will happen next.

It‘s’ this duality that I love. It’s what keeps me coming back for more and looking forward to every Sunday evening.

If you’ve ever thought about playing D&D, now is the perfect time to try it out! Lots of people are starting to play D&D for the first time and the community is very friendly and inviting. You’ll never know what you’ll find.