What D&D class should I choose?

"What D&D class should I choose?" is the ultimate question for everyone starting a new campaign or creating a new character. While the answer is completely up to you, there are many things to consider when choosing a class. Here are just a few:

  • Have I played this class before? Do I want to try a different class?
  • What is the rest of the party choosing? Do I want to add variety?
  • Should I pick a standard 5e class or a homebrew? (check with your Dungeon Master to make sure they are okay with the homebrew class)
  • What is my preferred playstyle?

Once you've answered some of the questions above, you'll be able to narrow down your search. But it's always nice to have a little cheat sheet that will give you a snapshot of each class and why or why not you might want to choose that class. Here's my cheat sheet:

Barbarian: Fierce warrior who uses their rage in battle. Key focus is strength and constitution. If you are the player who likes smashing buttons and destruction of things, then this class is a must.

Bard: The perfect blend of magic and performance. If you like to sing, dance, perform, while buffing your allies AND deal damage, then this class is for you. The Bard is a great class because it is very flexible.

Cleric: Serving a higher power comes with perks. The Cleric is a priest that can take deal damage but also buff allies. They are the perfect counter to undead creatures.

Druid: Be one with nature. Take the form of any animal. The Druid is a lot of fun. The flexibility this class offers is fantastic. Not only can you cast lots of fun spells, you can take to the air as an eagle or swim to the depths as a shark!

Fighter: Masters in the art of fighting, the Fighter can use almost any weapon at their disposal. This class is great at dealing lots of damage!

Monk: Training body and mind, the Monk excels in hand to hand combat. They are generally perfectionists, so if you like to roleplay, then there's a lot to work with in regard to the Monk class.

Paladin: If a Cleric is a priest, then a Paladin is a Holy warrior. The Paladin can deal some serious damage all in the name of their God(s). It is through their devotion that they find their strength.

Ranger: Do you like the idea of playing an extremely skilled recluse? Think of Aragon: the strong, fast, reluctant hero.

Rogue: As a rogue, you're the perfect scout for your party. Sneak past guards, steal treasures, and trick enemies at every turn. This is a great class to put your creativity to work.

Sorcerer: Your magic comes from within; through blood or as a gift. This spellcaster offers great flexibility.

Warlock: Your magic comes from an entity: Gods, lesser gods, or even monsters. This spellcaster is bound by its entity and makes for very fun backstory.

Wizard: You're a Wizard, Harry! Magic is an art as much as it is a science. This spellcaster studies many forms of magic and is a great scholar.

Artificer: The steampunk class. Build cannons from magic, tinker and create wonderful machines, and use your ingenuity to solve any problem. 

I hope this post helps you pick out your next favorite D&D 5e class for that new campaign coming up. What is your favorite class that you've played? Let me know!